Time travel! Is light the way to go back in time?

Time travel! Is light the way to go back in time?

Friends, in this article today we will discuss what light is the way to go back in time. Will it be possible? Suppose if we go back a few years with the help of light, what will we do? Let us discuss such.

When we talk of light, the speed of light is used in astronomy to estimate the distances of stars, mainly stars and galaxies.

We take an example to understand this. Suppose you know someone who lives 200 meters from your house, but you can also say that he lives within 5 minutes of your house. Therefore you can use length measurement or time measurement to calculate distance. Astronomers do the same thing with light to measure the distance of stars.

Thus, our nearest star, Proxima Centauri is located at a distance of about 41 trillion km from our Sun.

But no one can imagine such a distance because it is very large. Knowing that light travels at 300,000 km per second, it takes 137 million seconds to reach that star. Converted into hours and years (86344 seconds a day, 365.25 days a year and therefore 31.5 million seconds a year), astronomers say Proxima Centauri is 4.3 light years away (137 million divided by 31.5 million), we say Means that if we travel that fast then it will take us about 4.3 years to reach this star!

Since light takes some time to reach Earth, the events you see in the sky have actually happened in the past. If the Sun now explodes, you will not see the explosion immediately and you will have to wait 8 minutes to see it, because the time it takes for sunlight to reach the Earth at a speed of 300000 km / s.

Conversely, when we see the last ray of the sun disappearing in the evening, the sun has actually sunk 8 minutes earlier!

By observing groups of stars that are galaxies, we found that they were several million light-years away, and now to say that the light of a galaxy that you see in us, it was several million years ago, the time of dinosaurs. Which you are looking at in the sky with the help of a telescope, so to say that we are looking at the past in time. It would not be wrong to say this at all.

Surprisingly, if someone would have seen Earth in the Alien Telescope or managed to catch our TV show from a planet 65 years away, he would not have seen us. Since light travels with limited speed, today it will only see events around 1945, 65 years ago. He would see World War II, the Battle of Britain and Normandy Landing. If he had a very powerful telescope, he would have been able to see your grandparents as well. Unbelievable but this is the truth! On the other hand, our Alien people will have to wait 65 years to see what you are currently doing.

So we can say, 'Light is a real time machine to go back in time',
But unfortunately we cannot really use it to travel past.
With light we can see the past but cannot touch it!

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