How To Know Which Website is Accessing My Google Account

How To Know Which Website is Accessing My Google Account


How To Know Which Website is Accessing My Google Account ↭ Hello Friends Welcome Back My Website !!! Friends, today I will tell you through this article how you can remove the third party application and website accessed in your Gmail account, for that too easily, you just have to go to your Gmail account and everything from that It will be changed.

With the help of this trick, we can also find out on which application or website our Gmail account is happening. We also have to remove this. This may be because the website or application that has access to our Gmail account is spamming the website or application, so they can also steal your data. Therefore, we should allow trusted websites or applications to access our Gmail account.

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Sometimes it happens like friends, whenever we install an application and open our Gmail address and open it, it speaks to access our phone's device. To access it without reading everything, we click on Allow, so that we are logged into that website or application. Now we do not know whether this application or website is reliable or not, we just login. So friends, let us know how we can remove such.

Remove third-party application website from your Gmail account that has access to your Gmail - First of all you have to go to your phone settings. When you scroll down and go down, you will see the option of Google, you have to click on the option of Google. Now you will reach the next step. Now you will see your Gmail account in front of which will appear written under (Manage your Google Account), you have to click on that tab. Now you have to scroll to the right side and click on the security tab.

Now what you have to do is, you have to click on any application or website access, click on it and click remove access. Now your work is done. Now whenever you have to remove any website or application from here, you can remove this trick by following it.

If you want to do this from a laptop or computer, then open Google Chrome in your laptop. On the left side of Google Chrome, the apps written above will appear, you have to click on it. When your apps open, then the Gmail icon will appear on the right of your laptop screen, you have to click on that Gmail icon.

As soon as your Gmail account opens, you will see the icon of your Gmail account in the right side of the screen, by clicking on that icon. Now you have to follow the same step as mentioned above.

Friends, please comment on how you felt about the information.

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