Measures to avoid corona virus and corona virus

Measures to avoid Corona Virus and Corona Virus


The Union Health Ministry has issued some preventive measures against  Coronavirus. According to the Ministry of Health, these measures can prove to be helpful in making all citizens aware of this virus and preventing its spread. It is very important for every person to consider these things for the safety of himself and his family.

The Union Health Ministry, stating the symptoms of coronavirus, said that fever, cough, difficulty in breathing are its common symptoms. Which should not be ignored.

To protect themselves and others from the disease, the Union Health Ministry has asked the Indians returning from China to be especially vigilant.

According to experts, if you have recently traveled to China (within the last 14 days) or have contacted a non-registered person, you are advised to stay indoors for 14 days after your return- Stay asleep, sleep in a separate room. Due to this, there will be no risk of getting this disease from others.

The Ministry's advice is to have minimal contact with other family members and avoid visiting visitors. If you cough and sneeze, cover your nose and mouth. These viruses do not spread to other people.

While issuing a warning to all common people, it has been said that you should avoid coming in close contact with someone with cold or flu-like symptoms. Maintain a distance of 1 meter from any person.You advise everyone in your house to keep their hands clean. And wash your hands all the time, especially after sneezing or coughing. The more precautions you take to win, the more you will survive this virus.

The doctor's advice is also to wash hands with soap before and after food preparation, before eating, after toilet use, when hands are dirty. After exposure to animal pets or animal waste, one should wash hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds.

"If you have fever, cough or difficulty in breathing within 28 days of your return from China, please inform the doctor immediately and without any delay," says the advisory issued by the Union Health Ministry. Contact on the helpline number issued by the ministry.

This corona virus outbreak is the highest in China. Apart from China, several cases have also been reported from other countries internationally including Singapore Nepal Korea Thailand. Symptoms of coronavirus disease range from common cold-cold to severe illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) -COV and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV).

 For more information contact the control room phone number + 91-11-2397 8046 of Ministry of Health, Government of India.

The Ministry of Health recommends wearing masks immediately and consulting the nearest hospital center. Do not worry, so far the only case of novel coronavirus patient has been reported in Kerala. This patient is a student who was studying at Wuhan University in China.

The investigation found the patient positive for coronavirus and kept in a separate special room in the hospital. The patient's condition is currently stable and is being closely monitored.


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