About Google Keyword Planner in English

Welcome to our helpyinfo website. Friends, today I will tell about Google Keyword Planner in this article about how to use Google Keyword Planner easily. If we talk about this tool then the tool Google is its own tool which Google provides you for free.

You can check the search rank of any keyword very easily with the help of this tool, you just have to enter your keyword in this tool. This tool of Google Keyword Planner will show many search results in front of you. The complete description of your keyword will be found in the result you encountered. For example, the keyword you put in Google planner has so much search for the month and how is the competition, is it low competition or is it high competition or normal competition? And what is the bid of this page. Let me tell you about the page bid first.

Page bid (low range) -↠ Page bid low range means if you assume that you have written an article on one of your keywords. When you publish that post and when you click on that post, …